Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread Houses are for....


Right? RIIIIIIGHT??? I mean REALLY! What is the POINT of decorating a beautiful house MADE of things like gingerbread and frosting and gumdrops and whatever the hell ELSE ya wanna put on the dang thing if you're just going to LOOK at it??? No really. Answer me that.

I'm talkin to you.

Speak up.

Answer me.


Be quiet when I'm talking to you.

OK! SO the point of a gingerbread house is to have FUN with your family while you're putting the thing together... THAT'S the point right? I guess for some it might be to get as anal retentive as possible, placing things just so.... and completely SUCKING the life out of the project... and that's... okay. Whatever floats your boat... but the point is... if it brings you together... and you have fun... then THAT'S the point!

Now THAT is a gingerbread HIZOUSE!

AND... we had a BALL!

I hope everyone is happy and healthy and getting ready to celebrate a fantastic holiday with friends and family! Do some fun stuff! Play Twister... bring your "A" game! Sing some Karaoke... from the top of your freakin lungs... b/c HEY! They're family... and they can't disown ya for that! Hm.



kt said...

hmmm, twister? Nah, I don't see that happening. We may be having a Wii Tourney though! Usually its Cranium but not this year. :)

Di said...

I'm missing out cuz I have never built a gingerbread house. I would rather eat all of the yummy stuff that goes on the house! Merry Christmas...enjoy twister, caution with the shoulder. BTW: I laugh my a$$ off with your blogs. Thanks!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Merry Christmas, Rob! Every year my kids make gingerbread houses w/ my parents and they eat them on Xmas Day....good times! Your kids look like they really enjoy it too! HA.

Anonymous said...

Hey - You're invited!!!
We ARE having our xmas eve with karaoke, guitar hero and dancin' our asses off!!!
You comin?


Charisa said...

Um yeah!!! Gingerbread houses are made to be eaten!! Looks like fun :)