Monday, November 10, 2008

And so...

it goes.

Just wanted to let ya know.... I'm home... I'm happy... I'm whole.  Here's a brief summary:

  • Dislocated my shoulder on Wednesday.
  • Tried NOT to drool on Mirinda Carfrae on Thursday morning.
  • Met and squeezed Liz Thursday afternoon.
  • Met Memphis on Friday.
  • Raced on Saturday.
  • Lost my hydration at mile 1.2 of the bike.
  • Ran into a car at roughly 25 mph at mile 30 of the bike.
  • Peed for a solid 5 minutes in T2
  • PR'd
Yeah.  Good times.  Details to follow.



Al said... about a lot happening in one race...geez can't wait to see the report.

Ryan said...

Ummmm...just so you know, the bike portion of triathlon should be non-contact ;)

Not to bring the party down but I peed for 5 minutes running :-0 during the IM

Well done finishing and the PR!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're kidding right? Dislocated your shoulder? Hit a car? AND...still PR'd?
Man - that is GOOD WORK!
Own it. Be proud.
NOW what? Rest? Bad food? Weight gain? Mayhem? BB? Sudoku?
Sounds delightful!!!

Jamie said...

Heard about your shoulder, but the PR AND a crash AND losing your bottle? Damn. Can't wait for the full report.

I'm a huge Miranda fan too, but feel like most tri mags don't pay too much attention. Sad, but I'm glad to know you have such good taste. Haha. Not sure I would be able to hold my jaw up. :-)

runninggunner said...

Sounds like a crazy race. Good on you for the PR.

beth said...

"details to follow"....SLACKER. stop facebooking and get writing that race report!!!
oh, and congratulations

Gilad said...

are you coming to shop or what?