Friday, June 6, 2008


<---- and this is my "Road Trip Face"... of course, it looks like every OTHER face I make... but whatever. I took off yesterday around noon to drive down to SF for Alcatraz! Roughly 11 hours on the road and my buttocks are KILLING me! LOL. Had some good company in Erich who will be racing the San Jose International Triathlon... with the elites. This is his first race at that level and his predictions are that he'll "learn a lot". LOL! I'm sure he'll do better than he expects.

Got into SF last night late and was able to spend some time catching up with Barry, a college friend of mine! GREAT guy! He had generously offered up his place for me to stay over the weekend... which happens to be 3 BLOCKS from the transition at Marina Green! Can you believe my LUCK? SO Cool! Check out he view that I woke up to this morning! That's the Golden Gate Bridge in the background there... and though you can't really see it, the Palace of Fine Arts in the foreground. SO neato!

Plan for today. Liz has given me a complete rest day today and I'm USIN it. Though I'd like to run around the city a bunch... I'm mostly going to stay off my feet, stretch, hydrate... you know the drill. I'll run out to get some food... b/c Barry, being a single dude in the city, had 3 half-racks of beer, and a TON of condiments in his fridge... that's it! Oh... and some old cereal. SO, food, rest, and a preview of the transition area are the order of the day. I'll take the time tomorrow to drive the entire bike course and ride a portion to get a feel for what's in store on Sunday. I'll also head out on a little run on the course and take a look at... the "Dreaded SAND LADDER" and get in the bay for a TINY swim!

Hope you're all happy, healthy, and investing some of your time, energy, and money in worthy charities while wearing stylish sandals that make your calves look good!



beth said...

can't wait to hear about are set up for good stuff...that race is legendary!

kt said...

Sweet! Good luck. I am so jealous.

As for stylish sandals, my calves look great without them! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey - are you cross dressing again?