Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack....

Geesh.  It's been a while huh?  Lots to catch up on... sorry for the delay!

First of all.  The poll on the RIGHT, (thanks KT), clearly shows that there is a greater appreciation of my clay face than I thought!  Which is good news... because seriously?  I don't think I could NOT do a goofy face if I tried!  It's like oxygen for me.  Besides, how could I NOT share that HUGE vein in the center of my forehead?!

Secondly.  If you've never volunteered at an Ironman event... you need to.  Particularly if you've not done the full distance and are considering signing up.  Here's why: Intellectually, we all know that the race is freakin hard.  As my friend Bryan says, "Of course it's F'ing hard.  Its Ironman."  But to be there and experience the entire thing... sitting on the sidelines... watching every person have their own individual struggles and successes really gives you some perspective.  I was all OVER that course at IM CdA watching all the crazy bloggers and cheering my ass off for everyone!  SO fun!  I also put in a long shift at one of the run aid stations.  Since it's a two loop run, I got to see people at miles 10 and 20 of the... and yes... I was the guy wearing the grass skirt and coconut bra... literally. I'm kind of a softy anyway, but to watch some of these amazing athletes... tall, short, skinny, fat, ugly, pretty, angry, sad, irritated... come through, each in their own head, having their own battles with body and mind... pretty much had me choked up the entire time!  It's an experience that I'm extremely grateful for and will not soon forget.

Hangin out with the Bigun, his fantastic wife, Blink, and his incredible family was an honor and a priviledge.  You all would have been proud of the two Ironmen the morning of the race.  Calm, cool, collected, joking around and laughing at 3:30 in the morning!  They both put together solid races and it was really great to add another two arrows to my quiver of friends.

Third?  I signed up for CdA '09.  It became real for me as I walked up to the tent and signed my name on the dotted line. There's no turning back.  I'm committed.... and I can't WAIT to
experience what that day may bring.

Lastly.  Training continues and I'm finishing up the last biggish week before the taper for Lake Stephens 70.3.  The normal doubts are creeping into my head about the race.  Am I ready? Have I worked hard enough? Did I do the right things?  Yes. Yes. And again, Yes.  I feel like I'm ready to put together an extremely solid race... thanks to Coach Liz... I'm prepared.  So... that's that.

Hope you're all happy and healthy!  Thanks for taking the time to read!


p.s.  You know what I REALLY want to do today?  I'd love to go to a wedding reception... in small-town America... drinking and dancing... and dressed in my finest seersucker suit.  Yup. Doesn't that sound FUN!?  Hm.


Anonymous said...

gotta say - proud. great contribution to the athletes and great commitment for you- next year.
wedding you say?
That DOES sound fun! Good luck on the 6th. I'll be thinking about you.

Anonymous said...

Isn't watching an IM and volunteering just great!? Glad you signed up for CDA 09!!! And, good luck at Lake Stevens! You will do great; I am sure Elizabeth got you completely prepared! Jen H.

Cindy Jo said...

GAWD - about time you let us know how it went.

I'm still convinced you rigged the poll. CONVINCED.

Jen said...

CDA '09!!! Way to go!

I totally agree on the importance of volunteering at an IM race. The kids and I volunteer at IM AZ every year. They look forward to it every year. I know some of the volunteers really made me smile during my IM.

Duane said...

It was great to meet you! Good luck on your upcoming year of INSANITY!

Bigun said...

I don't think anyone would mind if you crashed their wedding.

Mark said...

See you at CDA, you crazy bastard!

kt said...


I love all the pics you post and you know it!

Sorry, I am just now catching up on blogs. I will be reading the next few and probably you will have a bunch of comments. Feel free not to read them. :)

Drew Holmes said...

We will see you there stud