Saturday, April 12, 2008


It was SUNNY and 70 degrees yesterday!  I had to check the paper and make sure that I was still in Eugene.  PERFECT day to get some good road work done.  Coach Liz had a longish run scheduled for me.  Essentially I was to warm up for the first 2 miles in Zone 1-2.  Following that for the next 6 miles I was to negative split each mile by 5 to 10 seconds.  The remainder of the run was to be done in Zone 1-2 to cool down.  The run, in its entirety was to be 1.5 hours OR 10 miles in total... whichever came first.  I found a rolling stretch of road that had mile markers and was completely exposed to the sun... heaven!  Here's how it broke down, tempo descend is in red:
  • 1 - 7:48
  • 2 - 7:40
  • 3 - 7:37
  • 4 - 7:10
  • 5 - 7:06
  • 6 - 6:56
  • 7 - 6:51
  • 8 - 6:34
  • 9 - 8:11
  • 10 - 7:40
Total time for the run was 1:12:06.  Felt great the entire time.  What I'm most pleased with is not the speed necessarily... but the pacing.  I didn't blow up early and I was able to consistently knock-down the times at each mile.  I consumed 2 Hammer Gels and 12 oz of water during the workout... could have used more fluids... but I didn't want to stop to fill my flasks... bad Rob. Good to get these results... 3 weeks out from the Eugene 1/2 Mary... feeling confident about a PR.

Thanks for stopping by.  Train hard.  Train Smart.



Bigun said...

great run! You are very light on your, I mean...

kt said...

Nice splits. Wow, 70 degrees and sunny. What a blessing. Sounds like a beutiful day.

You and I will be running our half marathons at the same time, just half a country and two time zones apart. Tell you what. I'll think of you hanging out after your race, rehydrating and relaxing if you'll send me some fast vibes if you have any left over. Deal?