Thursday, February 28, 2008

Where Did the Time GO???

WOW! It FLEW by! Here it is Thursday and I haven't posted anything since LAST Thursday... I'm sure you're all chomping at the bit... (can you feel the sarcasm?) SO... onward!

As I had mentioned briefly in an earlier post, my coaching has completely fallen through. This has left me in somewhat of a lurch trying to figure out how I'm going to approach the current season as well as '09 as I prepare for IM CdA. To be honest, I feel a bit lost in terms of training at the moment. The thing I most enjoyed about having a coach, beyond the friendship and comraderie, was the fact that I didn't spend a whole lot of time thinking about my training... I was just training! Ya know? It was easy; get the training plan, look it over, ask any questions I might have, and get to it! Done! SO... now I'm beginning to research my coaching options going forward. I'd like to thank JDub for being willing to help with recommendations and support! THANKS bro! I'll keep you all posted as things develop...

I had another business trip to Bend on Monday and Tuesday and was able to take advantage of their amazing 50m pool as well as some of the mountain deliciousness for a run! I put in a call to my buddy Drew so we could hook up for some post-swim breakfast but he was gettin his stuff together for his ski trip to Utah... next time Iron Drew!

This was the view I woke up to before heading to the pool! NICE!

I swam in the FAST lane! (b/c no one else was there!) Bah ha HA! BOY did I feel COOL!

Did 3200 meters. Felt great. The whole 50 meter thing screws my breathing up for a bit... I really didn't get completely used to it until I'm just about done with my warm-up. Did a "ladder" which was, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300... and then back down. I negative split the down-climb. Cool stuff!

After taking care of bizniz I started heading home and pulled over to get my run done. What's really cool about doing this is that you really have no idea where you're headed... until you get there. The problem is... often-times not knowing leads you straight up some sort of nazi hill. As was the case with this run. No biggy... I didn't even notice b/c of the view! GOOD TIMES!

OH! I got my VO2 tested yesterday! It has REALLY messed with my head! I'll post something a little later about that.

Today found me in the pool for another 3,000 yards. Part of the main set was 5 X 200s "smooth n steady" on 20 seconds rest... I was happy to find that every one of the 200s I clocked in at 2:50 to 2:55... and it felt effortless! ZIPPY!

I also put logged a 45 min Zone 2 run of 5.5 miles. Run is just beginning to come around. Not as slow as it has been and I'm feeling more and more relaxed. I threw in 5 X 1 min strides at a cadence of 96. The high cadence thing is coming more and more naturally to me. I noticed today that my cadence is normally between 85 and 90 anyway... so 96 isn't THAT much of a leap... but it totally feels like you're floating.

Thanks for taking a read! Hope all your training is coming along nicely!



jameson said...

way to get the training done on the road! It's tough for sure but I am positive the dedication WILL make a pay off.

Scottie said...

Great job you animal. Your blog is always a good read. Fun Fun Fun.

Drew Holmes said...

so whats the vo2 max? I could train you to go slower.....but it would cost you.e

kt said...

Good to get caught up on the life and times of tri-rob. Sorry to hear about the coaching. That stinks.

Good job on the training while traveling. That is never easy.

Cindy Jo said...

Finally catching up with you Rob - wtf happened with Matt???