Thursday, February 7, 2008

Blah, Blah, KABLOOEY!

Another piece of art from my buddy J.D. Casten. He's been kind enough to allow me to continue to post some of his work on occasion. Gives all this triathlon mumbo jumbo a little PIZZAZZ huh?

Like the title of this post? Yeah... I thought you wouldn't.

Uhhhhhh... today?

  • 45 min (15 min warm-up, 5 X 1 min at 96 cadence w/ 2 min active recovery)
  • 6.1 miles
  • Avg HR 150
  • Max HR 175
This was fun. Yes. Fun. Weather was in the upper 40's with a light drizzle. Perfect. I actually had my cadence at 100 for the 5 intervals... so neener neener neeeeeeeeener. Felt great.

  • Warm-up: 400 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull
  • Main Set: 4 X 500 negative split on 1 min RI
  • Cool-down: 100 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
  • Total yds: 3,500
Intervals broke down like this:
  • 3:35/3:39 (7:14)
  • 3:34/3:34 (7:09)
  • 3:41/3:35 (7:16)
  • 3:41/3:34 (7:15)
Kinda all over the place with this... but feel pretty otay about it. Still learning about pacing in the pool... not an easy task for me. If my math is correct I'm off pace a bit but I'm sure things will come along nicely... it's early in the season right?

Eating like a mo-fo... which is great b/c it's stabilized my weight. Hey... don't laugh. I have this weird reverse eating disorder thing... food... I can take it or leave it. I'm just really glad that I'm not dropping any more weight!

Little bike and another swim tomorrow! Zippy! Aggie also gets her female parts removed tomorrow... the poor baby! She has NO idea what's coming.... she's just wondering why I'm not letting her have anything to eat tonight... I'm sure glad that I'm not a dog....



Al said...

That cadence thing is interesting, so do you count for ten seconds or something to see if you're on track? You're a mad fast swimmer and that's a nice workout that I might steal and try just not as fast..

Anonymous said...

You might think that your strength is running or biking but your swimming is nothing to laugh at! This compliment should carry a lot of weight coming from an "ex-expert" turned "non-swimmer".

jameson said...

yeah... those swim times are solid. I get you on the whole pacing thing in the pool. It seems I only have two gears.. fast and slow... all this building and neg split stuff hurts the brain.

beth said...

sounds like a lot going on. i know i just met you (or never met you...details) but might you have a touch of the ADHD? fun to read! good luck w/ aggie..ouch.

kt said...

Love the piece at the top of your post. That is my favorite so far.

Brick and Kona send their best wishes and get well soons to Aggie. They would give her some quick doggie kisses if they were there.