Friday, January 18, 2008

Truckin Along...

You know what I hate right now? My digital camera. What the heck does, "System Error" mean? Those two words explain the distinct lack of interesting photos.  I guess I shouldn't complain. My wonderful wife bought it for me about 4 years ago and I've definitely put it through it's paces. It's funny... with technology developing as it does... I can get the same sort of camera tripling the available megapixels for roughly $100 bucks! BUT... I've got my eye on THIS:
It's any Olympus Stylus 770 SW... but that doesn't matter! What matters is that its WATER PROOF to 30 feet, shock resistent from a drop of 5 ft AND someone like BigUn can sit on it w/out crushing it! Isn't that COOL! I figure something like this would be perfect considering I take my camera everywhere I go!

Sorry... that wasn't very triathloney.

Had a good, solid, slow week of training!  Does that sound a bit negative?  Heck no!  I've completely put my faith in what all of you have been nagging me about... "Build your base Rob... build your base".  So here's what I did over this past week from Sunday to Saturday:
  • Swim: 7669 meters
  • Bike: 3 hours on the trainer, 2 hours on the road totaling 5 hours for you math geniuses.
  • Run: 16.25 miles
All of this... with the exception of some of the swimming has been at a HR under 145 BPM. Actually, looking at in now... in this format... it doesn't look like I trained all that much.  I'm a pansy apparently.

I took a look at next week's training that Coach Matt sent me and it seems like he's stepping it up a bit before I take off for my company's annual meeting.  OH!  YEAH!  All you blog-types that are in the great state of Florida... if you wanna hook up for some training the last week of January.... drop me a note!  I'll be in Hollywood, FL for that entire week... and it BETTER be sunny and warm!  I'm actually staying HERE ... its right on the water so I'm hoping to get in a few open-water swims while I'm there!

Anywho... 55 min Zone 2 run tomorrow!  And guess WHAT... it's supposed to be cold AND rainy!  Joy.  Rapture.



Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet! Water proof! Watch that swim form improve!

blink140pnt6 said...

I'm suprised your ugly mug hadn't broken the camera long before this. :)

Bigun said...

Those would be some sweet pictures; me sitting on your camera. Blog worthy. For sure!

Why does everyone go to Miami when they come to Florida - Tri-Rob, you are gonna melt!