Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Forgot...

... just how cool it is to step out my door on an early fall morning and see the frost on the rooftops as the sun starts to peak out over the fir trees in my neighborhood. That's what greeted me after I suited up for my run this morning. It was one of those mornings where the silence is almost deafening. Where the only thing on your mind is the run ahead of you. There is no job, no mortgage, no yard work, no familial responsibilities. It's just you, your running shoes, the trail, the cold, and the silence. If you read this blog... you've all experienced this to one extent or another... and for me... it keeps me sane.
Good run this a.m.:
  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Total Time: 32:26
  • Pace: 06:29/mile
  • Avg HR: 162 (upper end of zone 2)
Felt good. Wore some new cold weather gear. Some Craft stuff as well as some new 2XU compression tights! LOVE the tights! I will say however that guys with legs that look like mine should generally stay away from wearing such tights in public. Not a good look... but I was warm and am now a true believer in the whole "compression advantage" thing.

As for the rest of the past week I did about 9,100 yds in the pool and spent 3 hours total on the trainer. Off season is going well.

My DUCKS take on the Arizona State Sundevils today in Autzen Stadium! My wife and I wll be there to cheer them on!



blink140pnt6 said...

Go Ducks!


American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source - Share This Broooooddd! (brōoooōddd) Pronunciation Key
The young of certain animals, especially a group of young birds or fowl hatched at one time and cared for by the same coach. See Synonyms at flock1.

Tri-Dummy said...

WTHeckarooski? Both Rob's are cheering for the frickin' Ducks? You and Blink need help, man.

Bro, nice run. Swimming your bootay off.

I hope you are happy that your Ducks knocked another team outta National Team contention. You happy?

You are. I know it.