Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Sunday was one of those fall days in Eugene that helps you see the potential in light. WHOA! Read that last sentence again! What the HELL man!? It's DEFINITELY the off-season. What I MEANT to say, (in a deep macho voice), is: I went on a run with my buddy Scott... and it was bitchin... ummm... and we checked out some chicks... and uhhhh... scratched ourselves. Bah ha ha! (But it was really purty)

No seriously, Scott and I went on a roughly 5 mile run at about a 7 min/mi pace. That was probably one of the last sunny fall days we'll see here in Eugene. Generally, once the rain starts... it doesn't stop until late spring... seriously.

Like today for instance. It rained like it was going out of style! Of course... it didn't START raining until I was 15 minutes into my run! PERFECT! The drops were the size of DOTS (you know... the candy). THEN it started to hail a little. Then it occurred to me that most of the population of Eugene is inside and MISSING all this! Seriously... most of you that read this blog have experienced being out there somewhere... riding, running, suffering to some degree. You've experienced being frozen, heat exhausted, blistered, strained, cramped, sweaty, dirty, hungry, tired... and HAPPY! I just love being out there. Being fast or slow doesn't matter at that point.... it just matters that you're out there and ALIVE! (Oh no... here I go again). It was fun.

Oh... I also swam 2 miles this morning. The drills that Coach Gina has me doing are beginning to feel more natural. I feel like I'm not fighting the water as much and I also feel more at home. Pretty cool.

You know what's NOT a really good recovery food? Snowballs. You know... the cream-filled chocolate cakes covered in marshmellow and faux coconut? Well guess WHAT? They have a Halloween version! YEAH! They're called "Glowballs"! You know WHY? B/c they're BRIGHT freakin ORANGE! Yeah... orange. So after my run I stopped at the DairyMart and bought a pack... and I freakin LOVED them! But I wouldn't recommend them for recovery.



blink140pnt6 said...

"in a deep macho voice" I am laughing!

Al said...

Yep, the weather was great I went to the pumpkin patch with my daughter with about 1000 other people...

If you keep eating those snowballs, maybe Hostess will sponsor you.

Anonymous said...

Dude, or should I say "Girl"...love the descriptive narrative!!
I remember my first 10 mile run here in MN. I was training for my first marathon and usually did all my long running with my gal pals.
I couldn't make it to the group run for some reason so I ran the 10 lake loop by myself, doubting I could finish it. Half way in, it started to rain, then pour, then hail. I ducked under an evergreen tree and laughed out loud.
I think you learn to "alone time" in it. I also grew to love training in the winter. I love the sound of my shoes on a snow packed trail.

Anonymous said...

didn't make sense...I think you learn to love your "alone time".
whew. got that off my chest.

kt said...

There has to be a joke about Glowballs in there somewhere. I'll leave that to Blink or Bigun to come up with. I am with you. I love to run in ANY weather.

slimer said...

Running????Who has time for running??? I just watch it on T.V. and call it good.