Sunday, September 16, 2007

2008 Race Schedule???

J.D. sent me a new piece! I thought it was pretty apropos considering how much I've been thinking about next year's race schedule and how I'd like to approach it. It's titled: "Thinking (How it Works)". Cool stuff J.D.!

So I posted my tentative race schedule, (take a look to the right of the page), and the season seems to be pretty busy. The only races that I've actually run by Coach Matt are the Eugene Marathon and the Lake Stevens 70.3. I tried to get in one event per month. The "A" race on the list is Lake Stevens. The rest are for fun and experience. I've said over and over that a couple of things that I believe are holding me back are experience and confidence... so I'm trying to build both during the '08 season and leading into '09.

My "official" race season is over... I might do a dualthon in October... but other than that I'm in cruise mode. The problem is... I don't know what that means! Do I not swim, bike, run? Do I do just a little bit? Do I join a master's swim group? Do I do tons of weight training? Core work? Do I spend hours spinning on the trainer? It's kind of a weird time of year isn't it? I mean, what the heck do I focus on? No race to get ready for... no solidified goal for the next few months. I actually feel a bit lost. Ok... that's a bit dramatic... I'll figure it out.


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kt said...

Take a little bit of a break to remember what you used to do before you started training, remember why you like to train so much, start in on some off season stuff. ASK COACH MATT. I vote for core, core, core, core along with the swim, bike, run.